How to Generate More Leads Through Content

Content marketing is blowing up and your program should consist of more than just 1 blog post per week. With 90% of marketers utilizing content marketing, chances are you are too. But, could the lead gen aspect of your strategy be better? One study revealed that content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing tactics and costs 62% less. So, maybe it’s time you ramp up your efforts! I’ve been in the content marketing field for 10 years so I’ll offer some tips from my personal experience. There are a lot of strategies that you can implement immediately that will earn your brand more leads through content and we are going to explore ways you can improve your content marketing program today. I’ll keep this post short and sweet so that you can start implementing and improving lead gen strategies today! Thought Leadership Content is a vehicle that educates your audience and it establishes trust with your brand. Your content should be unique and showcase your knowledge of your industry so that your target consumers believe in your brand. Thought leadership content is a must if you want people to read it. Don’t make the mistake of regurgitating what is already out there. Your content should set you apart from your competitors. Lead Capture Forms Your downloadable content should be gated with a lead capture form. I find that if you ask too many questions on your form then target consumers bounce off of your site. I think you only need fields for name, email address and company. Pre-Qualify Your Leads Working backwards with your buyer personas, you can come up with ideas for content that appeals to your target demographic. Then, when someone downloads your content, they’re showing an affinity for the topic and this pre-qualifies your leads by them downloading it. This will save you and your sales team a lot of time sorting through the people who downloaded your content. Types of Content Not all forms of content should be gated with a lead capture form. Blog posts, for example, should not be. Based on my experience, these are the types of content you want to gate with a lead capture form. eBooks Case studies Research reports Webinars White papers Create an Epic Landing Page Target consumers will consume your content through a landing page. The landing page is crucial because it dictates whether or not your potential leads fills out the form and downloads your content. If you don’t have a designer on your team, hire one on a site like UpWork. Make it look professional and sleek. You should include an image for your content and a blurb about why people should download it. Promoting Your Content to New Leads You can’t just create awesome content and expect people to find it. Though, leads will find it on your website when they’re researching your brand, it’s important to promote your content to generate as many leads as possible. Afterall, you put a lot of work into it and it deserves to be seen. Here are some ways to promote your content: Social media ads Link to it in guest posts Purchase email lists Buy spots in relevant newsletters What to do With Your New Leads Once you’ve worked hard creating your content and promoting it, it’s time to implement and lead nurturing program. A good rule of thumb is to send the leads 4 thought leadership emails with links to blog posts and industry reports to build trust. Then, the 5th email can be a sales pitch once you’ve established brand familiarity. Do you have any tips for generating leads through content? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!