How to Generate More Leads on LinkedIn

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the best social channel in the B2B world. But, many brands aren’t using it to the fullest potential. 82% of B2B marketers report that they find the greatest success on LinkedIn as opposed to any other channel. Users go on LinkedIn to find industry related content so it’s your job to meet them where they’re at. Polish Your LinkedIn Profile When reaching out to leads and industry professionals, they are going to visit your LinkedIn profile first. And you don’t get a second chance to make a LinkedIn first impression. Be sure your profile contains the following: A clear description of your profession in the headline of your profile Your work history should be amply populated List all of your skills and tools that you are an expert at A professional headshot Ask colleagues to endorse you for skills You should be posting regular thought leadership updates Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Page After checking out your personal LinkedIn profile, target leads will visit your company’s page. It should have a professional header image and your logo. Fill out your page with information that you want target consumers to learn about. Post regularly using hashtags so that your posts reach more people and so that when leads visit your page they see an active LinkedIn presence. Post Thought Leadership Content It’s tempting to advertise your products or services in your LinkedIn posts but people don’t like to read sales pitches. Target consumers want to digest educational information. So, instead of the sales pitch, post thought leadership content and some examples include: Find Decision Makers Once you start making connections on LinkedIn, the platform will recommend that you connect with people similar to your current connections. Use the algorithm to uncover new connections aka target leads. Make a list of brands who you would like as clients and find the decision makers at those brands and connect with them. Build Relationships Once you’ve identified decision makers, it’s time to start building a relationship with them. In your initial message to them, offer them something of value or send them a positive message instead of a sales pitch. Once you start talking, you can position your brand in a viable way and as a solution for what your lead needs. The Best Use of Paid Ads Paid ads on LinkedIn are great because you can get super targeted with the demographic you’re trying to reach. However, instead of a sales pitch, consider leveraging a piece of downloadable content in your paid ads. Gating the content with a lead capture form still captures that lead but your ad is offering something educational instead of a blatant sales pitch that is sure to turn people off. Leading with a piece of content yields a higher amount of leads. Tap into LinkedIn Influencers There are many influencers on LinkedIn with tens of thousands or more connections. Identify, recruit and utilize these influencers to talk about your brand. Influencers are extremely effective because they can talk about your brand in ways that your brand can’t talk about itself without appearing to be overly self promotional. They’ll most likely charge a fee and it’s worth the allocation of your marketing budget. Make Sure the CEO of Your Brand is Active on LinkedIn Consumers love to hear from the CEO and if a CEO has an active presence on LinkedIn, your brand will be more trustworthy. CEOs should post thought leadership content, industry tips, data insights, new things at the brand, and content produced by the brand. A CEO’s LinkedIn presence builds brand trust and makes a consumer feel like they have an intimate connection to the brand. Join LinkedIn Groups There are LinkedIn groups to align with any industry. Brainstorm the types of groups that your target leads would be part of and join those groups. Once in a group, it’s your job to be extremely engaging. Respond to other members’ posts and post your brand’s resources to come across as a great resource. LinkedIn groups are not for sales pitches they are about adding value and networking. Befriend Your Clients Just because you landed a new client, the communication doesn’t stop there. Connect with your clients on LinkedIn and keep up the communication to have a higher chance of retaining them. You can also ask your clients to endorse you on LinkedIn adding a lot of credibility to your LinkedIn presence. Check out who your clients are connected with. They are probably connected to people in the same industries as themselves, so, you can find new leads that fit your buyer personas. Be Smart About Using LinkedIn InMail When sending out a connection request, add a short note about why you’re wanting to connect. You can also send InMail when they’re a connection. However, stay away from the sales pitch. Email them resources, ask them questions and introduce yourself as a colleague, not someone who is pitching them out of the gate. Final Thoughts The key takeaway from this post is that you want to add value to attract leads. Making your LinkedIn presence a source of thought leadership and non-abrasive networking will get you far when it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn. Do you have any tips on generating leads through LinkedIn? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!