Content marketing is nothing new. But, each year the industry evolves and consumers have new expectations. The marketing landscape is constantly changing and to get the most leverage out of your content marketing program, you need to be okay with constant change.

You’ll know your strategy is on the right track when you see more traffic, more leads, more conversions, etc. from your content marketing efforts.

I want your brand to have the best content marketing year ever so I’ve put together this post on content marketing trends in 2022, enjoy!

Brands Will Put More Emphasis on Customer Retention

Too many marketers put all of their efforts into brand awareness and gaining new customers. However, content marketing strategies can retain current customers and this will be a big focus in 2022.
Here are some customer retention strategies that you can implement in 2022:

  • Utilize data to scale the types of content that resonate with your customers
  • Publish a help center of FAQs page
  • Nurture customers with thought leadership emails
  • Offer exclusive discounts in your email marketing efforts
  • Run webinars just for your customers
  • Create an ambassador program
  • Personalize your interaction with customers
  • Listen to customer feedback
  • Give shoutouts to your customers on social

More People Will Listen to Podcasts

Did you know that over 50% of households are podcast fans? Entertaining and educational podcasts are standard and business podcasts are quickly rising in popularity.

A podcast adds a human voice to your brand and is a great way to engage with potential consumers. They are also sharable and easy to promote via email and social.

Voice Search Won’t be Ignored

Voice activated searches are becoming the new norm and will continue to rise in popularity in 2022.

To incorporate voice search into your content marketing strategy, think about how people search for information. Many times it’s by asking a specific question. Therefore framing content around your FAQs is going to make your brand more searchable by voice.

ABM Will Become the Most Effective Way to Market

Consumers crave a human connection and ABM is a great way to appeal to your target consumers.

ABM in 2022 will involve personalizing your marketing efforts to individual brands and your tailored content will resonate with them better than ever before.

Afterall, 85% of marketers feel ABM is more powerful than other marketing strategies that they implement.

Content Will Need to Get to the Point Quicker

Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to the content they digest. They also are limited on time and have short attention spans. Meld these facts together and it makes sense that your content should be short and get to the point quickly.

Going into 2022, embrace strategies that make your content more digestible like splitting up blog posts with headlines and creating short videos.

Budgets Will Increase

66% of marketers are increasing their content marketing budgets in 2022. This shows that content marketing is working and that it will continue to be a priority next year.

Consumers Will Expect More Data-Driven Content

Consumers are smart and they like to make decisions based on data, not empty claims from brands.

Data supports your product or service and speaks for itself so your job is to gather the data and get it out into the world.

Hybrid Events Will Be the New Normal

The pandemic turned all events into virtual and now that things are normalizing, hybrid events have surfaced.

Hybrid events give people options and can gather larger crowds since those who don’t feel comfortable traveling can tune in online.

Consumers Want More “Unpolished” Content

Consumers crave authenticity and a human connection from the brands they support. Instead of putting a lot of effort and budget into perfect videos, record them yourself and be okay with them being raw.

Becoming a Thought Leader Will Be the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Brand

When you grow and position yourself as an expert in your industry you are also creating more brand trust. This positioning will not only attract new consumers but also retain current consumers.

To become a thought leader, consider the following strategies:

  • Publish innovative blog posts about your industry insights
  • Guest post on like-minded blogs
  • Present at internal and external webinars
  • Speak at conferences
  • Create a video series
  • Become more active on social media
  • Produce your own research report

The bottom line is that you need to own a niche and share your insights wherever possible.

What is one of your predictions about content marketing in 2022? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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