Many B2B marketers think that Instagram is only viable for B2C brands. But, this post is here to show you that there are strategic ways that B2B brands can use Instagram to power their brands.
Many B2B marketers don’t put enough time, if any, into their Instagram strategy. It’s actually a pretty common myth that Instagram can’t work for B2B marketing, but this post is here to debunk that myth and help marketers run a more powerful Instagram strategy.
Many brands think that Instagram is just for millennials which is often not a B2B brand’s target market. However, 40% of Instagram’s users are 30-49 years old and it is the fastest growing age group on this channel.
The biggest thing to keep in mind is that people on Instagram are there for human interaction. So, your business should take the opportunity to humanize you brand and be authentic to appeal to as many people as possible. With more than 1 billion people on Instagram, there are consumers out there just waiting to digest your content if you go about it in the right way. So, we came up with 10 ways that your brand can make the most out of this crucial social media strategy.

Create New Content

Instagram is a lot more visually driven then Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Because of this, it doesn’t work to reuse content that you post on your other social media accounts. Instagram content should be well thought out and lead with a crisp image.

Use Quotes

Quotes on top of a visually appealing image are great sources for Instagram content. Whether they are quotes from clients or thought leaders in your niche, use an Instagram template from a site like Canva to produce professional yet beautiful posts on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag your quote source in your post for maximum exposure!


People Love Data

B2B folks love new data so your brand should be leveraging interesting data points to create content for your Instagram channel. Whether it’s derived from an industry report or data that your company has on hand, utilizing data on Instagram is an easy but effective way to engage with target consumers.


Research shows that the posts that get the most engagement have 11 or more hashtags. In order not to make your post too cluttered, it’s a good idea to put your hashtags in the comments below your post.
You can identify relevant hashtags by looking to like-minded brands for inspiration and note which hashtags they are using. You can also use a hashtag research tool like RiteTag or Hashtagify.

Use Stories to Promote New Things or Events

Instagram stories are available for 24 hours and are a great way to showcase conferences, trade shows, office Christmas parties or even feature your brand in action. Stories allows your brand to implement a CTA within in the content and they have a swipe through rate of 15%-25% leaving room for huge opportunities for your brand.
There is also a big opportunity to add an element of authenticity and storytelling for your brand if done strategically. These are all things that consumers crave and lead to higher brand trust.

Recruit Your Employees

Instagram is a fantastic platform to showcase how fun life is it your company and let people know that you are hiring. Check out this post from HootSuite who did just that:


Be Smart About the Link in Your Bio

You get one link in the bio of your Instagram account. Some brands find it helpful to switch that link out with their homepage, blog and product links every few weeks. This is a great way to drive traffic to different areas of your business.

Showcase Company Culture

Another way to tap into Instagram is to use photos of your company’s employees. Whether it’s a Christmas part, happy hour or photo of your co-workers had at work in their office, be sure to add this humanizing element to your Instagram posts.


Break Up Your Blog Posts

Another way to use Instagram is to take sections out of your blog posts and showcase them in a visual way to digest which can increase both your Instagram and blog post. When posting snippets from your blog post, it may be a good idea to make sure your blog is the link you use in your bio.

Showcase Your Products in Action

Taking a screenshot of photo of your brand in action provides great content for you to use on your Instagram channel. It can create excitement and buzz and can make your followers feel like they are “in the know.”


Next Steps

Producing great content on Instagram is key, but, after you hit that “share” button your job isn’t done. It’s important to respond to all the comments that you get on your posts and engage with your followers. So be sure to allow time for this crucial part of your Instagram strategy.
Do you have any tips for B2B marketers on how they can better their Instagram strategy? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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