Statistics help drive us to create strategies with a scientific backing as opposed to a whim or a guess. So, it’s a great idea to stay up to date with content marketing statistics.

The following statistics are current ones that we’ve gleaned from different reports so that you don’t have to seek them out yourself. We aim to save you time while building the most solid content marketing strategy for your brand. So, bookmark this post so that you can ensure that your strategy is based on facts. You can take all the guesswork out of what you do!

Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing 2019 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends

1. The two biggest benefits of a documented content marketing strategy are that it aligns a team around common goals and it makes it easier to determine which types of content to
2. 96% of the most successful content marketers agree that their organizations have built credibility and trust with their audience.
3. 87% of B2B content marketers use email to nurture their audience
4. 77% of B2B content marketers use educational content to nurture their audience
5. 61% of organizations report that changes to SEO and search algorithms is the top content marketing issue of importance
6. Over half of B2B content marketers feel their strategy is only moderately successful
7. 96% of the most successful B2B marketers agree that their audience views their organization as a credible and trusted resource.
8. The top three technologies that B2B marketers use to assist with managing their content marketing efforts are social media publishing/analytics, email marketing software, and analytics tools.
9. Sales team feedback, website analytics, and keyword research are the top three techniques B2B content marketers use to research their audience.
10. 77% of the most successful B2B content marketers use personas1
11. 40% of B2B content marketers say case studies is the best form of content for late stage in the buying process.
12. 61% of B2B content marketers increased their use of social media for content marketing purposes compared to one year ago.
13. 71% of the most successful B2B content marketers use paid methods to distribute content.

The State of Content Marketing Survey 2019 from Zazzle Media

14. 96% of marketing decision makers say content marketing is effective for their brand.
15. 41% of marketing budgets are spent on content marketing.
16. 89% of marketers measure the success of their content marketing programs by website traffic.
17. Only 2% of marketers feel that voice search has delivered tangible results for their brand.
18. 76% of marketers say that brand awareness is their key goal with content marketing.
19. 77% of brands say blogs will be their top content focus for 2019.
20. 79% of brands claim that Twitter is their primary channel used to distribute their content.
21. 49% of marketers say they use social but that it doesn’t generate measurable sales

Content Marketing ROI by Kapost

22.Per dollar, content marketing produces 3 times the leads as other marketing strategies
23. Mid-size companies spend about $12,000 per month on content marketing expenses
24. The major cost component for brands is paying their staff
25. Mid-size businesses spend on average $150 per blog post when they hire freelance writers
26. The average cost to acquire a paid search lead is $104 while content marketing strategies cost about $75 per new lead.

Point Visible 2019 B2B and B2C Content Marketing Statistics

27. 88% of content marketers agree that creating content makes their audience view their brand as a trusted and credible resource
28. 74% of B2B brands use their sales team to research their target audience
29. 77% of B2B marketers believe in delivering content to the different stages of the buyer’s journey
30. 80% of marketers use paid methods in their content marketing to attract new audiences
31. 55% of marketers user personas for content marketing purposes
32. 87% of B2B marketers use email marketing to nurture leads

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