In an ever-changing time of uncertainty, marketers are struggling with how to remain impactful. With people spending more time online than ever before, internet usage is up. This reality means that your content marketing strategy may reach and resonate with more people than ever before.

With the country on lockdown, internet usage has surged by up to 70%. During this time, brands are seeing an increased open rate on marketing emails and more attention from target consumers. While consumers aren’t making as many financial decisions, you still have a captive audience. Make the most out of it by increasing brand awareness so that your brand is on your target consumers’ radars when they’re ready to purchase.

So, let’s make the most out of being stuck at home and implement some new content marketing strategies to keep our brands fresh.

Take a Poll to Grow Your Email List

When I work with a new brand, one of the first things I do is help them grow their email list. There are ways to gameify this process by making it fun an interactive.

Consumers want to feel like a part of a brand not an extension. So, generate new email addresses while making your target consumers feel like they have a voice. Creating a poll where target consumers vote on a product or topic that helps your brand make a business decision while engaging them and building your email list.

Create a landing page for your poll and each time a target consumer votes, they have to enter their email address. Incentivize consumers to vote by entering each vote in a drawing for a $250 gift card. You’ll be surprised at all the new leads that will surface!

Host a Virtual Conference

In my experience, virtual conferences are a big project but they generate more sales than any other tactic I’ve implemented.

Virtual conferences are an entire day of webinar-style presentations from thought leaders in any given industry. They consist of a virtual conference environment complete with conference halls, resource libraries, networking lounges and even vendor booths. They’re as close to an in-person conference that you’re going to get anytime soon.

In the B2B world, these conferences are usually free and viewed as a strategy to promote thought leadership and generate leads.

If a virtual conference sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. You need to plan at least two months out so that you can line up speakers and promote your event.

In response to so many conferences being canceled, I’ve joined the team at AunthentiConference to help companies create and execute amazing virtual conferences.

Tap into Blogs that Mention Your Competitors

I consider bloggers who mention your competitors to be low hanging fruits. They’re showing an affinity for your brand and that they work with brands like yours.

Start by making a list of your top competitors and then start researching the blogs that mention them. I use GroupHigh to find blog posts that mentions my clients’ competing brands because it allows me to hone in on the post that mentions the competitor and I can reference it when I reach out to the blogger.

You can’t dictate how a blogger writes about your brand, but, you can seed them with brand assets so that they can experience your brand to the fullest potential. You want to earn authentic brand mentions—that’s the whole purpose of this kind of strategy.

Bloggers can also help your brand get a pulse on what separates you from your competitors. So be sure to be open to their feedback and share it with your team.

Lastly, earned blog content is meant to be showcased. You can use quotes from their post on your website, photos on social and links to their posts in your marketing emails. Consumers trust a third-party recommendation more than they trust anything self-promotional from your brand and these blog posts can guide them through the buyer’s journey.

Start a Guest Post Swap Program

Guest posting is a great way to get your content in front of a new audience. This strategy establishes thought leadership and gains link backs to content owned by your brand.

In order to not overwhelm yourself by guest posting AND keeping up with your own content, reach out to like minded writers and offer to swap guest posts. With proper vetting, new voices on your brand’s blog can be refreshing to your audience.

Be sure that you and the people you invite to write on your blog only include link backs that feel authentic and the posts should not contain a sales pitch.

What new content marketing strategies have you adopted now that you are spending more time at home? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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