As B2B content marketers, we are always searching for ways to be creative and lend a voice to our brands. One of the best ways to stay inspired is to look to other brands and borrow strategies that they do well then put your brand’s own flair on it.

For your convenience, we have curated some awesome examples of great B2B contend marketing. The following 5 examples showcase great content marketing ideas with key takeaways on how you can adapt these strategies to your own brand. Enjoy!


What they did: GE has a B2B component of the brand which sells jet engines and wind turbines. They do a great job of debunking the myth that Instagram is only for B2C brands. They did something called the “#GeInstaWalk” where they had 6 influencers tour their manufacturing facilities and took and uploaded pictures. This led to 8 million views of GE’s Instagram account all without any paid advertising.


What you can borrow: Many B2B brands feel like Instagram is just for B2C and don’t capitalize on this opportunity to showcase the human element of your brand. So, try implementing Instagram at your company and even try going as far as GE went and recruit influencers to help you power your Instagram presence. These behind the scenes and light images really help with brand lift.


What they did: LinkedIn does a great job of rounding up tips from inside their own brand and publishing it frequently. Their first hand and practical advice really appeals to their audience with real life examples. LinkedIn’s ebook “Learn How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn For Marketing” is a great example of how they are doing this.


What you can borrow: Create ebooks that utilize the experience you’ve had as a brand and lead with things you’ve learned. This type of authentic content will really resonate with your audience and lead to more ebook downloads aka more leads generated for your brand. Try interviewing your CEO or client facing co-workers to get inspiration and advice for your ebooks.


What they did: Yotpo offers a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals. They’re essentially a customer loyalty generator. On their home page, they offer videos of happy clients in a sleek way with quotes on the thumbnails.


What you can borrow: Testimonials are important forms of content to offer during the buyer’s journey. When leads see a consumer’s experience with your brand, it can help them decide to become a client. Place these testimonials on your homepage so that they’re easy to find. Offering video testimonials adds to the authenticity of the content.


What they did: Cisco is a huge IT and networking company that focuses on technological security. To talk about security, they created a comic where a superhero flies around the world combating hackers. Their fun and light approach to such a technical issue gained popularity and offered a humanized feel for the brand.


What you can borrow: Try adding a fun tone to explain what your brand does and how it solves pain points of your target audience. The lesson learned here is not to take yourself too seriously and this tone will really appeal to target consumers!

Zazzle Media

What they did: Zazzle Media produced a research report on the state of content marketing in 2019 and accompanied it with an infographic. While the infographic is a thorough way to visually display their research, it also serves as a teaser to make people want to download and read their research report for more information.


What you can borrow: Infographics are a great way to showcase lots of data. Reports heavy with data can be hard to read and infographics make all the data easier to digest. If you put out a white paper or report, you can release an infographic to accompany it. Infographics tend to get shared a lot more than other forms of content so it’s a great way to promote your research report.

Final Thoughts

A commonality in these examples of content marketing ideas to borrow is that these strategies give brands a lighter and digestible tone. Consumers have no shortage of information at their fingertips but what they really crave are humanized brands. Being relatable will power your brand and will get you more leads. Are you ready to try this?

What are some good examples of content marketing that you’ve seen? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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