With 71% of consumers consuming content during the buyer’s journey, content marketing is a strategy that should be taken very seriously. As you probably already know, the right content can generate new leads and also turn leads into clients.

However, many marketers feel like they don’t have the bandwidth to implement and full-scale content marketing strategy that places content in front of the right leads at the right times. Not to mention, there are so many mediums that marketing professionals can utilize to push out content. From blogs to social to email marketing—there is a lot to do!

So, I’ve created this post that helps marketers scale their content marketing strategy for marketers who feel like just don’t have time to do all they want to do with their content marketing strategies.

This is a must read for any marketer who is wanting to generate more leads and turn more leads into clients so let’s dive in!

Involve Your Co-Workers

Your co-workers may be an untapped but valuable resource when it comes to scaling your content marketing strategy. They know your brand well and are capable of helping you produce a variety of pieces of content. Let’s explore a few ways to utilize your co-workers in your content marketing:

  • Blog posts: Even if a co-worker isn’t a strong writer, they still can produce blog posts. You can edit their writing and make it “blog worthy.” This time spent editing a post is less time than you would spend creating a post from scratch. You should really try to recruit your client-facing co-workers because they’ll have great ideas for posts as they hear about pain points and questions that your clients have, which make for great blog post topics!
  • Webinars: By nature, salespeople are great speakers. So, recruit them to run webinars about your brand or a thought leadership topic.
  • Social media: Chances are that your co-workers are on social media. So why not have them run your Twitter or LinkedIn? You might need to give them a little coaching and explain best practices, but this could take a lot off of your plate!
  • Case studies: Your client facing co-workers know more about the clients who would make for a great case study than you might. Have them work with one of your brand’s clients and compile a case study. You may have to edit and refine their work, but it would still save you a ton of time.

Automate Your Blog Emails

Emailing out your blog posts is a strong way to keep brand familiarity and establish thought leadership. Getting this content viewed every week to your leads and clients is a powerful way to stay top of mind to them.
However, it can be time consuming to load up a new email in your marketing automation software every time you publish a blog post so luckily there are tools like FeedOtter that automate emailing blog posts with visually appealing templates. Once you’re set up with this tool, your blog posts will automatically be emailed out to your leads and clients as soon as you publish a new post. Now that saves a lot of time!


Content marketing is such a valuable strategy when done right and maybe you just don’t have the time to do it all yourself? If you find yourself in this predicament, it’s worth the budget to outsource help so that your content marketing strategy runs at its fullest potential. Here are a few sources that I’ve used to find freelancers for content marketing:

Fiverr is a really strong resource when looking for graphic designers for projects like ebooks and infographics.

UpWork is great because not only can you find writers, but you can find marketers to help with your content promotion.

Writer Access charges a small monthly fee to be a member but they have the most thoroughly vetted pool of writers that I’ve see

Pro Finder on LinkedIn is a great resource to find anything from designers to writers to SEO specialists.

ProBlogger is another great source to find topnotch writers.

When hiring freelancers, try a few at first so that you can pick your favorites to work with on an ongoing basis.

Measure and Focus on What Works

If you try to pump out content on a bunch of topics on a bunch of mediums, you’re going to spread yourself too thin. So, you need to measure all of your strategies and content and hone in on what produces the best results.

Determine which types of content generate the most leads and converts leads into sales in Google Analytics. You should also take note of which topics and industries are the most popular and put more of your time into those findings.

Repurpose Your Content

There are a few ways that you can repurpose content that you’ve already produced. This will save a ton of time and get fresh eyes on old content. Here are a few ways to consider when it comes to repurposing your content:

  • Take an old blog post and update it with current information and links and republish it.
  • Go through older pieces of content and share them on your social media channels.
  • Do a content round up of your 10 most popular blog posts of all time.

Utilize the Input of Industry Thought Leaders

Working with industry thought leaders is a great way to get great content out fast. You can interview them on the same question(s) and wrap their answers up into a post. This post is a lot less time consuming to write then creating a post from scratch.

Not only will this me a simple post to write, but chances are, it will get more views because the industry thought leaders will share it on their own social channels.

Take Guest Posts

Taking guest posts can mean that you are able to take a lot of writing off your plate. If you find quality bloggers, they will add value to your audience. Here are a few ways to recruit them:

  • Put a guest post page and CTA on your homepage advertising that you take guest post submissions
  • Explore linkedIn for writers in the niche your brand falls into
  • Look on competitors’ websites and reach out to guest authors who have posted on their site

There are a few things to keep in mind to make your brand enticing to guest bloggers. Let’s explore a few:

  • Let them have a byline
  • Allow them to link to their brand or a resource in a non-self-promotional way
  • Share their work on your social channels and tag them

When I have guest bloggers reach out to me, I ask them to pitch me 3-5 topics for me to choose from so that I know that their work is going to resonate with my readers.

Final Thoughts

A successful content marketing strategy involves a lot of moving parts. And producing enough content for enough buyer personas on enough mediums is often more work than one person can handle. Hopefully some of these strategies can help you make the most of your time when it comes to your content marketing strategy so that you see ultimate success.

Do you have any suggestions on how marketers can scale their content marketing strategies? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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