While 91% of B2B marketers report using content marketing as part of their strategy to grow and nurture leads, we can infer two things. 1: Content marketing works and 2: The market is a little saturated with content.

Most content marketing strategies prioritize a thought leadership blog, do you? If so, then keep reading because this post is going to tell you how to get more views on your B2B content marketing blog. It’s one thing to contribute and curate great content for your blog but if no one is reading your well thought out, thoroughly researched and carefully crafted blog posts, do they even count?

Did you know that many marketing experts spend more time promoting their blog posts than they do writing them? That says a lot—promoting is key to position your blog as a trusted resource to attract and hold the interest of potential consumers and keep up the credibility with current consumers.

So now that we’ve established that you probably need to put more work into promoting your blog, let’s take a look at a few ways you can increase the amount of views your blog gets

Provide a Weekly or Monthly Digest

Emailing your blog out to your list of contacts, leads and clients is one of the easiest ways to get your blog in front of more people. However, it might be overkill if you email out every single post. So, we suggest creating a weekly or monthly digest of your content (depending on your editorial calendar) so that your readers can pick which blog post topics resonate the most with them.

Luckily there are tools like FeedOtter that automate these types of emails so that your content digest program can run on auto-pilot while looking professional with visually appealing templates.

Maximize Your Use of LinkedIn

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the best social channel for promoting B2B blog posts. But there are other ways you can use LinkedIn past the traditional post option.

Message your contacts: Did you know that you can message up to 50 LinkedIn contacts per day? Of course you don’t want to make a habit of this, but, when you feel like you’ve published some of your best work, send it out to your LinkedIn connections who fit the profile of your brand’s target consumers.

Utilize your company page: Hopefully by now you not only have a lot of personal LinkedIn connections, but, you also have a lot of followers on your LinkedIn company page too. Be sure to post both on your personal page and your company’s page each time you put out a new post.

LinkedIn ads: LinkedIn ads are great because you can use any type of budget to promote your blog posts. They also let you get really specific with who your ads get placed in front of including company size, job titles, location, etc. Try throwing a little budget toward your best blog posts and target your ideal consumers.

LinkedIn groups: There are plenty of groups on LinkedIn where you can join a community of like-minded professionals with whom you can network with and share your content. Quick tip, though, don’t blast the group with all of your blog posts. Do this sparingly and be sure to participate in group discussion and share other marketers’ content too.

Recruit Your Co-Workers

Your co-workers could be an untapped resource to reach new audiences. Many brands report having trouble getting all of their co-workers on board to share their blog posts, though. So, the trick is making it easy as possible for your co-workers to share your blog posts. Try pre-writing tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn posts and sending out a weekly email to your company so that all your co-workers have to do is copy and paste. They may not have big followings, but, any new eyeballs count!Be Strategic with Your CTA’s
To direct more traffic to your blog, you should strategically place CTA’s on the homepage and other popular places on your company website. Try having a sidebar that features your recent posts or best topics. This is also helpful in cycling a website visitor through the buyer’s stages. A website visitor may not be ready to purchase your product, but, they may be curious about learning more about your brand’s vision through your blog.

Work with Influencers

Influencers have a large social reach and specialize in a certain niche. Identify influencers in your brand’s niche who would appeal to your buyer profile’s and find ways to get them to share your blog posts.

One of the most effective way to do this is to interview an influencer or quote them in one of your blog posts. Not only will your readers enjoy the thought leadership, but, the influencers will likely share the blog post on their own channels increasing the amount of views on your blog.

Join Online Groups

There are many groups of all different types of verticals where you can share your content with like minded professionals and ask them to share it on their own channels if they like it. Consider joining a community like triberr.

Make it Easy to Share

When it comes to making content sharable, there is the obvious like including social share buttons on your blog posts. But there are other ways you can make your content easy to share too. One such way is to include sharable blurbs or statistics in your blog posts and link them up with Click to Tweet so readers can share your blog post with one click of a button.

Do you have any tips on how to promote a B2B blog? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below as we are a really friendly group over here at Rubicly!

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