One thing that I have found that a lot of brands overlook is the value of content creation for their sales team. A lot of brands get hung up on content for marketing purposes, but, it’s very important for a marketer to create content for their sales team.

From thought leadership blog posts that answer a common pain point that your target consumers face to sales decks for your sales team, there are many ways to help your sales team close more deals.

In a world dealing with a pandemic, sales is struggling even more to make connections with the dwindling of tradeshows and in-person meetings to close deals. However, content is here to save the day with its ability to create thought leadership and brand trust. This reality just means that marketing and sales need to craft a plan to work more closely together to benefit their brands.

A recent survey that I will dive into in more detail found that only 39% of the respondents in this survey reported that their sales team uses content to reach the right people at the right stage. That statistic inspired me to create this post because that number is way lower than what is ideal or expected. So, ready to dive in!?

Familiarize Yourself With This Epic Research Report

Content Marketing Institute and Vidyard recently released a research report that thoroughly explores how brands are aligning marketing and sales to produce great collaborative results. It’s full of insights. Here is the link if you want to check it out for yourself.

I find the research report to be very eye opening so here are some key takeaways from it that will be sure to convince you to better the sales-marketing alignment at your brand.

  • Less than half of the respondents report that marketing and sales collaborates on content topics frequently
  • Only 22% of respondents report that marketing and sales meet about the types of content to produce
  • 61% of respondents said that the content they produce for sales is self-promotional in nature
  • 39% of respondents are unsure of how often content is audited
  • Over half of respondents don’t have KPI’s that sales and marketing define

Why Your Sales Team Needs Your Content

Consumers are smart and they don’t like self-promotional messages. The right content has the ability to establish thought leadership and brand trust which leads to closing deals.

Marketers and content creators are good at creating content for lead gen and to move leads through the buyer’s journey. However, it’s equally as important to create content for your sales team. Sales is customer facing and they will have more success if they are equipped with content to share with the leads they’re working on.

Types of Content That Closes Deals

I’ve been creating content for sales teams for 10 years and thanks to Google Analytics, I have had the luxury of tracking which type of content helps sales. Consider developing the following types of content for your sales team:

  • Case studies
  • Sales decks
  • Blog posts that speak to common pain points
  • Educational eBooks

Develop Buyer Personas to Steer Your Content Efforts

Buyer personas are crucial in identifying the content that will resonate with your target consumers. These should be created with the input of sales and client services. Here is a free template that I love to create your own buyer personas.

Once your buyer personas are created, alternate content topics to speak to each persona. Coach sales in identifying these personas before they get on a call so that they’re equipped with the right content and talking points.

Marketing and Sales Communication Strategies

We are all busy so strategies that don’t produce immediate and tangible results can easily get brushed aside. So, it’s my recommendation that communication with marketing and sales needs to be thought out and stuck to. Here are a few strategies to make that happen:

  • Set a weekly meeting for a half an hour once per week
  • Create an internal landing page that links to all the pieces of content that will help sales
  • Send out a weekly email with your latest content
  • Constantly remind each other about using buyer personas to steer content
  • Create a Google Form where sales can make content requests and/or log common pain points that they want content shaped around

Should I Outsource Content For My Sales Team?

By now it might sound a little overwhelming to add creating content for your sales team to your to-do list. Many marketers and content creators are spread thin. My rule of thumb is that if you can’t do something consistently and thoroughly, it’s time to outsource this strategy.

There are plenty of places to find contract content creators like UpWork and LinkedIn just to name a few ways.

If and when you decide to outsource your content creation efforts, be sure to set KPI’s with your sales team to track the lift of your sales enablement resources.

Key Takeaways

Research shows that most brands can approach sales and marketing alignment better. Part of that may be because marketing is spread thin and sales doesn’t have the experience to create great content.

This disjointment can be overcome with the right communication strategies and the ROI from your efforts will surface pretty quickly.

Buyer personas help keep both departments on task and ensure that content is reaching the right people at the right time.

Do you have any strategies when it comes to creating content for a sales team? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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