Have you seen your content marketing strategy losing its effectiveness? This is a problem for many marketers as the internet is saturated with content giving consumers a lot to choose from.

Or maybe your content marketing was pieced together without proper research and planning and is not producing the results you had hoped.

Whatever the reason may be, a lot of marketers report that their content marketing programs are under-reporting.

Over half of marketers think that the most important goal of implementing content marketing is lead generation. So, the number of leads that your brand is generating from your content is one of the most important metrics to track. Not getting the number of leads you’d like to see? This post is here to fix it.

So, in this post, I’ll dive into content marketing strategies that I’ve implemented for my clients that have boosted the effectiveness of their content marketing programs.

Incentivize Social Proof

Consumers are savvy and look to third parties for brand recommendations. In the brand awareness phase, consumers don’t want to hear from your brand yet. That’s why you need a network of brand ambassadors so that you can have people actively posting about your brand.

However, consumers and influencers have the power to say great things about your brand and just need a little bit of an incentive to post. The reward can be anything from a discount on your products or services, a gift card or cash compensation.

I won’t lie, recruiting brand ambassadors and maintaining the network is a lot of work. Luckily there are apps out there like CrewFire that scale brand ambassador campaigns and allow you to incentivize them for their posts.

When you start earning media from your brand ambassadors, be sure to amplify it and make it easy to find. When potential consumers are doing research, they may peruse your website. So, you should feature your social proof. It can be Instagram images on your homepage to a testimonials page on your website.

Diversify Your Content

One of the biggest mistakes that I see brands make with the types of content they produce is that they only do blog posts and call the job done. However, consumers are a diverse group and all like to digest content in different ways. So, it’s your job to give them they want and incorporate different types of content into your strategy.

Here is to get the wheels turning for when you create your upcoming content calendar.

Do a Guest Post Swap

Don’t publish all your great content on your company’s blog. You can get more viewers and engage with potential consumers with a guest post swap.

Identify like-minded brands and contact them and invite them to swap guest posts. They want to get in front of new audiences too, so it is usually a pretty easy sell. Set a date for when you’re going to exchange posts and create some awesome content for some new eyeballs.

To find blogs to guest post swap with, you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to identify great blog opportunities.

Survey Your Clients and Leads

When analyzing why your content is falling short, it’s a great idea to survey the people who represent your brand’s consumers. You can survey your clients and leads and ask them the following questions so that you can gain insight on the types of content they would like to see:

  • What is your favorite blog post we’ve published?
  • Which topics of content would you like to see more of?
  • What is your favorite thing about our brand?
  • What types of content do you prefer when learning about a new brand?
  • Which social channels are you most active on?
  • What would you want in compensation to post on your social media about our brand?

Do Your Own Industry Research and Put Out a Research Report

One of the best ways to generate leads is to do your own research and put out a research report. Consumers love to learn about their industry and your research will be appealing them. It will provide your brand with fresh content that consumers love.

The best part is that you can gate your research report with a lead capture form so that you can gain new email addresses to nurture.

One of the best ways I’ve established thought leadership and generated new leads was through this report if you need a little inspiration.

Don’t Disregard Creating Content for Your Current Clients

Another mistake I see marketers make is that they ignore creating content for their current clients. Content that appeals to them helps build a stronger trust for your brand and keeps them engaged making them more likely to stay a client.

It’s easy to fixate on creating content for lead gen and nurturing but the phase a lot of marketers leave out is content for their current consumers.

So, be sure to create at least one piece of content per month that appeals to your current clients.

Create Humanized Content

Now more than ever, consumers crave a human connection from the brands they follow. Don’t make the mistake of creating content that is too formal. Write like you’re talking to someone and this will make your content more appealing.

I think the lack of humanized content is because marketers want to come off sounding intelligent and to prove their value so they overcompensate.

What strategies do you recommend to your fellow marketers on fixing a broken content marketing program? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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