Having trouble getting your content discovered?

Wishing you could reach a wider audience with your blog posts?

Then you should definitely implement guest posting into your content marketing strategy. If you’re new to guest posting, we’ll show you how to build up your portfolio so that you can start with small blogs and work your way up to larger blogs. If you already have dabbled in guest blogging, then this post is going to help you take your guest blogging strategy to the next level.

So, let’s dig in!

What is Guest Blogging?

The concept of guest blogging is quite simple. It’s the process of writing blog posts for likeminded blogs. Guest posting allows you to link back to your brand’s content to reach new audiences. Many blogs don’t let you link back to your brand except for in the bio of your post but let you link back to a piece of your content as long as it’s relevant in the post you create.

The goal is to capitalize on large audiences that other blogs have already cultivated and get your post in front of these new eyes.

More times than not, guest posting is free, but you will come across sites that want you to pay a fee for guest posting. So, decide before you do your outreach if you have a budget for this strategy or if you just want to stick to free guest posting. If you stick to free guest posting, there are still a ton of opportunities out there!

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest posting has many benefits and can elevate your brand in multiple ways. Let’s examine a few:

  • Promotes thought leadership
  • Gets your brand and content in front of new audiences
  • Boosts SEO
  • Drives traffic to your brand and/or content that you link to
  • Gathers new leads
  • Increase social media followers

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

So, guest posting sounds good and you have the bandwidth to start posting on other blogs. It’s time to find some guest posting opportunities! Here are a few ways to find guest posting opportunities:

  • Set your Google Alerts so that you’re notified of new posts containing the primary keywords that encompass your brand. Google Alerts will email you daily with a list of articles with these keywords allowing you to uncover new blogs daily.
  • Google for sites that take guest posts. Pick a keyword or two that reveal the types of blogs that would make sense for your brand. Then Google using that key word plus “write for us,” “guest post,” “want to write for us,” or “become an author.” As an example, I would google for “content marketing and guest posts.”
  • Use AllTop to uncover blogs in your niche as they have indexed pretty much every blog on the web.
  • Consult lists that have already been created and published here are a few to get you started:

  • List of 300+ Websites/Blogs That Take Guest Posts

Guest Post Outreach

So now that I gave you an overwhelming amount of resources to find guest post opportunities, it’s time to craft the perfect outreach pitch. Your pitch should be short, sweet and to the point. Here is how I structure my pitches:

  • Subject line: I want to write for you
  • Explain why you chose their blog to reach out to by referencing some of their posts
  • Quickly outline your industry experience and the unique perspective that you can offer
  • Share examples of posts you’ve written in the past
  • Assure them you will share the post on your brand’s social media channels
  • Offer 3-5 post titles that you propose for their blog
  • Thank them for their time and ask them to reply with any questions or a topic they want you to get started on

How to Write the Perfect Guest Blog Post

The primary thing to keep in mind is that your guest posts are a resource and source of thought leadership that your target consumers will read. IT IS NOT AN AVENUE TO MAKE A SALES PITCH ABOUT YOUR BRAND!

Ask the brand for their guidelines and pay attention to things like linkbacks, word count, and more.

If you write posts for your own brand’s blog, writing a guest post should come naturally. Be sure to write something that starts conversation and invites readers to add their questions and insights in the comments section of your blog post.

Links are great for SEO so be sure to not only link to content on your site and link to content on the blogger’s site as well as external links that cite claims your making.

Feel free to add images, infographics and screenshots to your posts to make them more engaging.

Writing Your Author Bio

Many sites let you link to content in the body of your post but don’t let you link directly to your brand until your author bio. So, you really want to sell yourself in your bio. Keep it short but list your position at your brand and include reasons why readers should take you, your content and your brand seriously. Basically, you want to write the bio so that you sound like a thought leader in your industry.

Also, in your bio, include links to your social channels and invite your readers to connect with you on social.

Promoting Your Guest Posts

Once your post is published, you should promote the heck out if it. The blogger you wrote for will appreciate it and be more open to your guest posting on their site again.
Here are a few ways to promote your guest post:

  • Share it on all of your social media channel
  • Consider putting a small budget behind it and create paid ads
  • Email it out to your clients and leads
  • Ask your coworkers to share it on their channels
  • Put it in your email signature for a few days

Tracking Your Guest Blogging Strategy

The best part of guest blogging is when you get to track the success of the posts you spent a lot of time crafting. Consult Google Analytics to see which posts bring in the most traffic to your site. See if there is a spike in social media followers. And, if you linked to a piece of downloadable content, see how many people downloaded your piece of content.

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging is a powerful strategy when done well. The ability to get in front of new audiences is priceless so be sure to produce something awesome that will position you and your brand as a thought leader. Keep an eye on how much each guest post lifts your brand and continue to post on the sites that give you the best results.

Do you guest post? I’d love to hear any advice you may have in the comments below!

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