Just when we thought influencer marketing couldn’t get any sexier, the industry exploded even more at the start of the pandemic. Business owners were forced to shutdown brick and mortar stores and turned to influencers to amplify their brand.

There is a lot of data to support my claim. Particularly the fact that 90% of marketers now think influencer marketing is effective and brands spent over $3 billion dollars on this strategy in 2021.

Sure, brands can post organically. But the sad reality is that the posts have a very short shelf life and only reach about 5% of your audience per post. Influencers and paid media perform better than your organic reach.

Sadly, many brands get hung up on sales and don’t make the most out of their influencer partnerships. Since I’ve been in the influencer marketing industry for 11 years, I feel equipped to outline the many benefits of influencer partnerships and strategies that will take your influencer marketing to the next level.

Benefits Of Influencer Generated Content Other Than Sales

Sure many brands implement influencer marketing to bring in sales. But if sales is the *only* goal, you’re missing out on other great opportunities.

Not to mention, influencer marketing doesn’t always bring in the $6 for every $1 spent that different influencer marketing publications claim you’ll get.

Many brands consider influencer marketing a bust if it doesn’t bring in strong sales. However, there are a lot of benefits of influencer generated content that get overlooked.

Brand awareness: Influencer partnerships are the quickest way to brand awareness as influencers post about their experience with your products and services to their large audiences. Consumers follow influencers because they want to learn about brands from their peers and they look at influencers as their peers.
Boosting trust: Third-party endorsements are the best way to build brand trust. Influencers give their honest opinions about the brands they work with building trust between their audience and your brand.

Reach a niche audience: One of the great things about influencers is that they own niche topics. Their followers resonate with their niche or they wouldn’t follow them. So if an influencer is popular in the same niche as a brand’s target consumers, influencer partnerships are brilliant.

Increase conversions: Often brands equip influencers with certain actions they want the influencers’ audiences to take. This can be anything from downloading an eBook to signing up for a newsletter.

Improve SEO: When working with blog influencers, brands can give them anchor text to use when linking to the brand. Based on keyword research, influencers using the right anchor text increases SEO rankings really fast.

Grow social presence: When influencers tag brands on social media, their audience often clicks through to learn about the brand and if they like what they see, they’ll follow them.

Gain insights: Influencer marketing produces data and helps brands learn what is resonating best with their target consumers. Insights gained are things like the topics that get the most engagement, feedback from influencers about products or services, which channels an earned post performs better on, etc.

Earn content to repurpose: Arguably the biggest benefit of influencer marketing so more on that below.

Repurposing Influencer Generated Content

Influencer generated content is cheaper than buying professionally created content and has more benefits. Let’s explore the most prominent ways you can repurpose the content you earn from influencers.

Using Influencer Generated Content in Paid Social

Partnering with influencers to get in front of their audiences is great. But it’s super smart to take the next step and edit down influencer videos to use in paid social campaigns.

These videos come across as authentic and not “salesy” like a video would be that you produce yourself.

Just be sure to negotiate the right to their content before activating your influencers.

Best Practices for Sharing Influencer Content Organically on Social

It’s all about social proof. Though an influencer generated post may be what you share on your branded social channels, it’s still a post that represents what a third-party thinks about your brand.

Resize images and videos for an omni-channel approach.

You can simply re-share their posts or create your own with their images and video.

Some brands build a repository of influencer generated content and promote that on social.

The possibilities are endless and hopefully I got your wheels turning!

Repurposing Influencer Generated Content on Your Website

It’s actually more affordable to partner with influencers to create enticing images and videos than other traditional marketing tactics.

Consumers don’t resonate well with overly-professional brand produced content. Leading with influencer generated content throughout your website will be more appealing and affordable than getting a professionally produced video.

You can use their words in a testimonials section of your website. You can sprinkle influencer generated content in your homepage, and different product pages.

Utilizing Influencer Content in Your Email Marketing Strategy

Keeping consumers engaged via email can be tricky and daunting. Thinking of new topics, trying not to be too self-promotional in your messaging and engaging your audience on a regular basis is tough.

Influencer generated content is the perfect solution to this pain point. Embed social posts or videos in your emails. Link to blog posts. Extract the most impactful part of their reviews and email it. So many options, so much potential for success.

Next Steps: Approaching Influencer Marketing With You’re New Insights

Now that you’re equipped with the real value of influencer marketing, you’re all set to get more value out of these partnerships than ever before.

Switching your thinking from just generating sales from influencer marketing to the many areas that you can get value from influencers such as brand awareness, conversions, SEO lift. etc

Understanding the value of repurposing influencer generated content, be sure to negotiate the rights to their content before hiring your influencers so that you can repurpose it on social, email, website, etc.

Before activating your influencers, be sure to educate them about your brand and goals. Provide talking points and themes to ensure that you’re earning the most valuable content possible.

Find a tool to scale your efforts. I use Fourstarzz Media lately because it’s affordable and robust. If you have a larger budget, then you may want to check out Mavrck. There are a plethora of tools though and most of them offer free trials so that you can see if the tool is right for you and your goals.

Do you have a tip for getting the most value out of influencer partnerships? I’d love to read your great tips in the comments below!

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